Experience incredible birdlife with SterlingBirds in world-famous locations. John has spent years birding in tropical ecosystems and has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge on tropical bird identification, ecology and conservation. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of these fascinating birds.

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California County Birding

County Birders Unite! Anyone can join, if you commit to birding all 58 counties in your lifetime. Pages include individual totals with your own color-coded map and the spreadsheet totals along with those of other county birders. Have fun with it! (See "County Birders" above for more details.)

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Birding Workshops

Attend in-depth workshops on raptors, gulls, shorebirds or other species featuring both classroom and field experience. The goal is to create confidence in identifying/aging individual birds and take the mystery out of bird ID.

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Check out John's photo galleries from around the world with recent updates from Indonesia, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and other exciting birding destinations.