County Birders

Please be patient as there are 134 maps to recreate which will take time. We will send an email providing instructions on how to submit your updated county list totals soon!

California County Birders unite! Anyone can join if you commit to birding all 58 California counties in your lifetime. Your individual totals of non-introduced species
(NIB) for each county will be tallied in a personal spreadsheet which will be used to create your own color-coded map. Each link below opens a color-coded
map for the named individual, which shows their total ticks (# in parentheses) as well as their total species for each county.

If you're ready to jump into California County Birding, contact me to get started.

NOTE TO EXISTING PARTICIPANTS: Older maps are being converted to a new map program and your name-link will be added when converted and/or updated.
Please contact me with your updated totals.

You will also be able to download a Google spreadsheet with the everyone's county list totals (coming soon).
Have fun with California County Birding!  If for some reason you cannot access a file, please contact me.


Luther (18,370)

Sterling (16,711)

Oliver (14,659)

Dunn (14,606)

Terrill (14,246)

Pittman (12,377)

Easterla (12,269)

Pandolfino (12,099)

Rowoth (10,623)

West (10,592)

Mast (10,510)

Roberson (10,440)

Toldi, F (10,103)

Deghi (9,915)

Long (9,908)

Overholtz (9,882)

Harris (9,573)

Toleno (9,483)

Steele (9,223)

Bacchetti (9,060)

Swartout (8,819)

Carratello (8,102)

Townsley (7,232)

Brown (4,435)

Hiatt (4,360)

Stacey (4,239)

Easter (4,000)