County Birders

California County Birders Unite! Anyone can join, if you commit to birding all 58 California counties in your lifetime. Page links below include individual totals with your own color-coded map and spreadsheet totals along with those of other county birders. Have fun with it!

For those who have already joined, this is the page for your color-coded maps and the spreadsheet.  Included are links to files that you can download.  Click on your name for your full-size map.  You can also download an Google spreadsheet with the everyone's county list totals.  Have fun with it.  If for some reason you cannot access a file please contact me.

The spreadsheet with all of our county list totals is in Google sheets format.  To download file, right click mouse button and click on "save target as".  Don't forget to download it in a non-temporary folder so that you can find it later. (Download here.)

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